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Anonymous asked: I just went to check out the page on facebook that posted the rumour about Irina and Cris .. And i just cannot believe the things they are writing .. So rude and hateful .. They just want Crisrina to be over


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p-lahm asked: Going to add something to your conversation - I actually think that "conflict" between Mou and Cris was a simple misunderstanding which was blown up to irrational sizes by media. Jose apologized, Cris was a bit childish, but I don't think they stopped liking each other.

yah exactly i think it’s their portuguese personality that made the little conflit 

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Anonymous asked: The moment when you told us about twitter I understand you've been reading to much of their crap.



Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 

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Anonymous asked: it's a fact that iker made diego leave, and because there is no real "visible" sign of why xabi left, i think it also includes iker. mark my words, before 12 pm tomorrow, arbeloa is gone too. and that will all be because his Holiness San Iker can't handle people being better than him/criticising him.

If Arbeloa leaves Iker job will be done : 

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Anonymous asked: :D "Iker and Xabi are friends". They aren't. Barely talk to each other anymore. LOL

yeah finally someone who sees the truth 

realborussia asked: i feel pretty sorry for you explaining to others with that Iker thing. That's why i don't usually put my opinion on my blog ;D GOOD LUCK THO!

Thanks honey ♥ lucky that i have patience !

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Anonymous asked: i'm not a madrid fan, but from other i know that (iker)he is really good as a player and as a captain, and i'm not sure why you're saying that he doesn't deserve to be the captain. what have he said or did, for you to think that? i'm not asking for your opinion, give something real, like article or smith, because it may be your opinion. and i'm sure that NO ONE really knows what is going on in the club except the club and its members. no harsh feelings :)

First of all i want to defend myself because i’m not the only one thinking iker is a bad captain go on twitter search : #casillaseresunmiserable #TopoOut #CasillasVetedelMadrid 

The fans want Iker to leave so there are fans that are harder with iker than I am, it’s not my personal opinion EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT IKER IS A BAD CAPITAIN but it seems like here on tumblr they only see the good side and forget the bad things he dis to the club 

Diego, even when he was not playing was he was happy to make part of the biggest club in the world meanwhile Casillas said that if his situation at Madrid did no change he world leave ( and that’s what you call loving a club) Diego leave Madrid because Iker spoke to the President and like I said Iker knows that he’s influent so he can make EVERYBODY leave only  asking to President

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Anonymous asked: WHY am I stupid.I said the truth ,that Iker has a heart and he loved Xabi.

I never said Iker does not have a heart OMG TIRED OF EXPLAINING MYSELF 

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Anonymous asked: Are you hearing yourself.You're saying just because of the friendship with Arbeloa Iker made Xabi leave?


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Xabi Alonso at Real Madrid:


Xabi Alonso at Bayern Munich:


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Anonymous asked: Yes criticaze him,but not saying bullshits.Xabi was his friend and Iker would never do nothing to him.

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Anonymous asked: okay Diego I understand,but why Xabi?He and Iker were very close?

NO Arbeloa is very close to Xabi so … 

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Anonymous asked: Since Cris is your idol then see the interviews carefully and you'll see that he was unpleasant with Mou too:)

I saw the interviews and i know what happened between them don’t worry and i already explained what i feel about it AND does that excuse Iker’s attitude pls stop defending him and trying to make me feel bad about my opinion